2017 Minutes

June: Good Morning All

Follows are the minutes of our June 2017 General Meeting. Please feel free to send me additions if we have missed something.  It would be very helpful if you are currently serving on a committee to send us your name and committee served so we may add you to our organizational chart.  As you can see we did not catch the names of the committee members that are investigating insurance needs.  We are looking forward to working on keeping things turning in the coming year.  Enjoy your summer.

West Michigan Woodturners Meeting June 2017

Business Meeting Start at 9:54 am

Raffle of Large Planks of Cherry - Charlie Fauntes 

George Armstrong Red Box Elder Offer

Election of Officers

As presented by the Nomination Committee the slate of Officers are voted in by acclamation. 

Fred Reiner – President

Bruce Dannenhauer – Vice President

Eric Kent – Treasurer

Derek Sheehan – Secretary

Lawton was determined to be the new temporary home of our club by unanimous vote. Address will be provided in an e-mailing to all members. Our equipment and other items can be stored on site.  

A special thank you is given to Jerry for is dedicated service to the club. A donation is being made by the club members to the AAW Youth Program to honor Jerry.

Committee formed to investigate needs of AV equipment for the club.  

Bob Lee, Derek Sheehan, Kenneth Oscarson

Committee formed to investigate insurance needs in regards to Insurance needs for meeting place.

Facilities committee will continue to manage ongoing facilities needs

Charlie Fuentes 

Business Meeting Adjourned at 10:35 am 

Show n Tell

Program "Turning a Buck" presented by Jerry and Ed Curry

Your Club Officers

Fred Rainer, Bruce Dannenhauer, Eric Kent, and Derek Sheehan