Jan 2010

Minutes of WMW

January 9, 2010 

  1. Guest turner: Jim English
  2. The website address is:  westmichwoodturners.org 
  3. There will be a show on April 10-30, 2010 at the Kalamazoo Institute of Art.  Anyone interested in submitting a turning or sculpture should do so by 2/15.  See: http://www.kiarts.org/page.php?page_id=104
  4. GR Festival is the 1st weekend in June.  WMW members are welcome to participate thru the Grand River Woodturners Guild.  Call Dick Wilson 616/365-0405.  Send Dick a photo via email of a piece if you have one (email to dickwilsonwoods@sbcglobal.net).
  5. George Armstrong is interested and looking for another turner to join him at Hardwick Pines Campground (near Grayling) for Wood Shaving Days on the 3rd weekend of June.  Call him at 269/685-2141.
  6. Treasurers Report  Balance on 12/31/09  $2830.90
  7. New members in December were:
    1. Steve Weaver-Kalamazoo
    2. Jim Cutler-Sparta
  8. Library: 4 new DVD’s and 1 book.  Please look for any “lone” DVD’s since we have several empty cases in the library.
  9. After the next couple meetings there will be an informal “hands on” for anyone interested in instruction or tips.
  10. We discussed having a professional demo this year.  Jerry suggested that we join the Ft Wayne Club and attend their professional demo.  They have a new building w/ a demo area and several new lathes.  More to come on the idea.
  11. Anyone who has or knows of a lathe for sale should call 269/671-5695.  
  12. Jerry has tried “Iron Out” to remove or lighten darkened sapwood.  Available at hardware or grocery stores.
  13. Malcolm Young has asked for a volunteer to take his place as chair of the Refreshments Committee.
  14. Bill Neff and George Armstrong showed how to make a hook tool for hollowing end grain.  They showed how to use it and let several others try one out.
  15. The February Club Challenge will be a bud vase.  Maximum diameter=4” Maximum height=16”
  16. The next meeting will be at the Portage Middle School on February 13th at 10am.