April 2011

  On April 16, the West Michigan Wood Turners met in the new  Portage Northern High School shop.  At 9:30, the members the members discussed their new projects over coffee.  The official meeting followed at 10:10, the major items discussed were:
  • There was a discussion of the guest turner this fall and his offer for a hands on demonstration on Friday before the club meeting.  Before the members could commit, several questions were raised concerning the avialable facilities.
  • There was good deal of interest in the Saturday demonstration.
  • There was a mention of the relationship between Osage-Orange and Mulberry; it was concluded that they both belong to the mulberry famaily but are different genea and species. 
  • There was some discussion of this summer's Heartwick Pines program and the club's participation.
Jerry Kroehn demnstrated end fiber hollowing, see  above photo.
The show and tell followed the demonstraion and the new pictures are shown in the Gallery Section.

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