April 2013

·         The West Michigan Wood Turners, meet Saturday April 13, at Portage Northern High School. 

·         Jerry Kroehn mentioned that the club members should prepare their best art pieces for the fall Three Rivers Art Show.  Jerry will be able to bring your work to the show, thus saving you one trip.

·         A discussion of the recent article in the April issue of American Woodturner “It is Mine, Mine, Mine!” by Jerry Bennett followed.  In this article Mr. Bennett describes how  many beginning woodturners have been unjustly criticized for using concepts that cannot be copyrighted.  For example, “Do we have the right to use leaves in our work? Of course we –do-.”  This article provides a good review of  this subject.   

·         Jerry proudly announcement that the club had been awarded a $1500 grant from AAW that will be used to purchase new tools for the Wood Shop at PNHS.

·         A good auction of wood and purchase coupons followed the business meeting.

·         Ed Curry presented an excellent discussion of the finer techniques of pen turning.

·         The meeting concluded with the usually well-equipped show and tell.