May 2010

  • The club met at the Portage West Middle School May 8 from 9 to about 12:30.  The meeting was well attended with about 20 members present.
  • Last Week’s Show:  Last week’s show with the Wood Cravers had few turning sales, only about 3 low cost items.  General consensus was that more advertising would have helped with the sales. 
  • This summer there will be a show and sale at Hardwick Pines State Park near Grayling.   This show will be held the 3rd full weekend in July. 
  • A lengthy discussed followed on what type of show the club should look for to increase exposure and sales.  It was generally felt the club should consider renting a storefront in an area with good traffic such as South Haven around Christmas time.  For this to happen requires a great deal of effort on certain club members and more volunteers.
  • The Chicago show ”Turn-on-Chicago” s scheduled for August 20-23; Great show.
  • John Cameron volunteered to serve as club secretary; the club still needs a Vice President to run the meetings if  Jerry Kroehn  is not available.
  • Next week's club challenge is cut and reglued turned objects, or deeply carved pieces.
  • Demonstrators.  We will not be in the new Portage Northern shop until next spring and need to investigate how we will handle a professional demonstrator.  The Fort Wayne meeting last month was extremely good and this is still a possibility for next year’s demonstration.  Easter Weekend is out
  • The very successful Grand Rapids show is exciting with a million dollars in prizes and is attracting many international artists.
  •  Jerry Kroehn  demonstrated the art of wood burning using butane and propane torches.
  • The meeting concluded with a nice show and tell.
 John Cameron Secretary